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Simple but interesting games

Board Games - MahJongg, Reversi, Wuzi Chess, Jangki, Hexxagon


Classic Games - Tetris, Pinball


Card Games - Black Jack, Five Card, Streak Poker, Speed


Arcade Games - Crazy Arcade, Super Ninja, Helicopter


Shooting Games - Bubble Shoot, Missile Strike, Gun Xiaoxiao, Sodat Ryan, Metal Slug


Action Games - Street Fighter, Power Ranger, Dragon Ball


Sports Games - Baseball Swing, Volleyball, Skate Board, Rapid Shot


Adventure Games - Motor Madness, Prince of Persia


Role Playing Games - Mega Man, Flash Element 3D


Simulation Games - Mansion Impossible, The Waitress


Puzzle Games - All Out, Pharaoh, Rotation


SuDoKu Games


Crossword Games

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