We provide the world star translators for more than 100 world languages.

One Click Translation

Type or paste the source text to be translated in the input box above.
Select the translators by clicking the check boxes at left column, then just click the .
The web page of the checked translator will be loaded into each browser frame.
Click the button to erase opened translators.

First-Loaded First-Viewed

First loaded web page will be first viewed automatically.

While you are reading it, web pages of the other sites will be loaded on background. It eliminates waiting for downloading all pages of the selected sites.

[ Translator Icons and Indicators ]

Web page Translation

Enter a webpage URL starting with "http:\\" into the input box.
The translator that provides wep page translation is marked with
Currently, following translators provide wep page translation:

Text to Speech

The translator that provides text-to-speech is marked with
Currently, following translators provide text-to-speech:


Current site
The activated site that you are reading.
Completely loaded site
The site that has completely loaded and is waiting for you to read it.
Click the icon
to view it.
Site under loading
The site that is being downloaded.
Click if you can not wait to view it any longer.
or Incompletely loaded
In this case some images / videos may not loaded for any reason. Anyway you can read the text of this site.
Click to view it images / videos.

[ Inpubox Icons ]

Language Identifier

Click the icon
to detect the language of the source text before you translate it.

Spell Checker

Click the icon
to check the spelling of the source text before you translate it.

Mirror Sites

Please try to use one of the mirrors of our site. The mirrors will give you faster response. You may also use the mirrors when the website is temporarily unavailable.


* How to copy the translated text to your editor ( For the beginners )

We receive lots of question from the computer beginners about : "How can I copy translated text into my editor?"

These are normal mouse operation and hot keys for Windows system like Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

* You have translated some text, but nothing has changed from what you entered.

The language of the source text may be incorrect.
Please click the icon
to identify the language of the text.


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